While at the Dixfield Outdoor Market on Sunday with her three-year-old, Gabrielle Cannon of Dixfield saw the sign that read “Free Car Seat Check” and decided to participate.
Dixfield Police Officers Anne Simmons-Edmunds and Eric Bernier, along with Jaclyn Witt, recently completed a three-day course to become certified as child safety passenger seat inspectors. They were on hand to offer inspections, assisted by their instructor, Lance Mitchell of Knox County.
Following the thorough 20-minute inspection, which included having Gabrielle install the safety seat and strap in her three year old, she noted that she highly recommended that others seek the inspection as there is a lot to know.
“Car seat safety is really important,” she noted.
Officer Simmons-Edmunds said, “We’re here for the kids.”
She said people can have the inspection by appointment by calling the Dixfield Police Department at 562-4517.