JAY — Selectpersons voted Monday to accept a bid of $40,061 for 2.05 acres and a large barn on Route 133 and Hyde Road to Antoine “Tony” St. Pierre of Jay.

He submitted the only bid and has until Oct. 31 to close on the property.

Selectpersons set the minimum bid at $40,000, dedicating up to $5,800 of that amount to advertising and legal expenses associated with the sale and for work performed by the highway crew, including the removal of an entrance to the property from Route 133 and putting in culverts.

The town has put in an entrance to the property from Hyde Road at the farthest part of the property from the intersection.

The town previously spent $51,279.57 on the property, including its purchase and in-kind work to demolish a house and remove debris.

The remaining $148,720.43 taxpayers raised in 2012-13 was paid to the Maine Department of Transportation for a joint project to improve the line-of-sight at the intersection.

The town’s assessing agent gave the property a value of $40,430. The land is valued at $20,050, and the barn is valued at $20,380.

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