DEAR SUN SPOTS: I, too, appreciate what you do and look forward to reading your column. I am looking for a competent person to help me attach an older Craftsman snowblower to an older Craftsman lawn tractor. Anything listed in your Rolodex? Thank you for any help you might have. — Craig Brown, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots doesn’t have anything in her Rolodex for this unusual request. She can think of a couple options. How about someone who works on lawn tractors and other equipment?

Mr. Sun Spots does business with a small engine repair shop near their home in Readfield that might be the right kind of place. It is probably too far for you to visit, but surely there must be a similar business in the Lewiston-Auburn region.

An auto/truck mechanic might be able to help. Sun Spots takes her very elderly station wagon to a mechanic who is busy in the late summer and fall fixing tractors and trucks for pulling events at fairs. She is pretty sure he could do that work as well.

Again, however, he is a bit far afield for an L-A resident. In the unlikely event no one responds to your request and you can haul the stuff north, email Sun Spots again for contact information.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am an elderly women living in an apartment in Lewiston and need help with cleaning once a month. I’m hoping to find a reliable, trustworthy person who takes pride in their work. Thank you for any help you may be able to find for me. — Lois via email

ANSWER: These are the names Sun Spots currently has in her Rolodex. If anyone else would like to be added or you would like to recommend someone, please write.

* Susie Crossley, Lewiston, 783-7785

* Melissa Burns, One on One Cleaning Services, 237 Everett Road, Poland, 207-998-5077 or 207-514-6777, [email protected]

* Jayson Hanson, Hanson Cleaning Services, 207-344-8539, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Sun Spots delivers again. My request appeared and by 9 a.m. that day (Sept. 25) the sheet music was picked up by a gentleman who will put it to good use. He even took the pile destined for “recycling.” Thank you, Sun Spots, for quick results. — Nel Meservier, [email protected]

ANSWER: Another reader had a suggestion that should have occurred to Sun Spots. Read on.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to the request for someone to pick up an overload of sheet music from the Franco-American Center, I have a suggestion: The place where my three huge plastic containers of three generations’ worth of sheet music were gratefully donated, the Bagaduce Music Lending Library in Blue Hill.

I appreciate Sun Spots every day! — Charlotte, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: Sun Spots has recommended Bagaduce to other readers. You can find it at 5 Music Library Lane, P.O. Box 829, Blue Hill, ME 04614, 207-374-5454,

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Saint Dominic Academy is collecting Box Tops for Education, Campbell soup labels and old cellphones. If any company is changing over to all new cellphones, please keep us in mind.

We are also in need of used band instruments, as some of our students would love to study music but don’t have instruments to learn on. If you have any of these instruments that you no longer use and would like to donate, please let us know.

If you have any of the above items, you can drop them off at the Lower School (prekindergarten through grade 6) at 17 Baird Ave. in Lewiston or call us at 207-783-9323. Thank you. — Cecile Langlois, administrative assistant, [email protected], 207-783-9323

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a power chair, like new but needs battery, for free. — 207-754-8606

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