FRYEBURG — A Fryeburg man is being held without bail at the Oxford County Jail after police say he tried to strangle his girlfriend Monday night.

Police Chief Joshua Potvin said police arrested Corey Sheaff, 26, of Fryeburg and charged him with Class B aggravated domestic violence assault at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday on Harbor Road after a family member of the victim called police to report the attack.

Potvin said Fryeburg police believe Sheaff strangled his 21-year-old girlfriend by “intentionally impeding her breathing and circulation by applying pressure around her neck” at a friend’s house on Harbor Road.

“Thankfully, her injuries did not appear to be serious,” Potvin said.

He said Sheaff has no prior history of domestic violence, but he said the investigation shows Sheaf showed “an extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

Sheaff is scheduled for arraignment in Oxford County Superior Court on Nov. 4.

In a statement released Thursday, Potvin said, “Domestic situations are extremely dangerous due to the highly charged emotional state of all those involved. Fryeburg Police Department has partnered with local advocates and professional service providers to ensure that the victims of these investigations receive the proper guidance and support.”

October is domestic violence awareness month, and events have been held across the state to raise awareness about the crime and funding to assist victims of domestic violence.

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