I am supporting Nate Libby for the state Senate and Heidi Brooks for the state House because they support raising the minimum wage.

Today’s minimum wage is not a livable wage. People are working two or three part-time, minimum wage jobs with no benefits and are struggling to make ends meet.

Lewiston used to be the home of good-paying, union jobs. My mother worked at the Bates Mill. They got raises for the cost of living and benefits.

The prices of everything keep going up, but the minimum wage has been stagnant. Those at the bottom are struggling. Raising the minimum wage would give them more money for rent, food and fuel. They would put the money back into the economy.

All people should share in the economic recovery, not just those at the top.

Nate Libby and Heidi Brooks will work to increase the minimum wage.

John Myrand, Lewiston

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