Growing up in Aroostook County, Everett’s father, grandfathers and uncles introduced him at an early age to the wonders of the surrounding woods and waterways. As a young adult, he became a registered Maine Guide. With a love of guiding trips on the rivers of northern Maine, Everett has organized and led at least one spring trip each year for 35 years down these wilderness waters.

As a way to recapture memorable scenes from these travels, Everett began to paint from photos taken and scenes recalled. Over the years, oil painting became his favorite medium. He has converted his wife Paula’s potting shed into his studio.

Exhibiting these paintings, allowing us a glimpse of a relatively unseen and undocumented area of Maine, expands the West Paris Library’s participation in the statewide “Celebrate the Maine Woods.”

At the reception, the artist will give a brief discussion of the memories which inspired his art.

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