FARMINGTON — The Farmington Police Department held two special patrols on crosswalk safety in the downtown area last week, Chief Jack Peck said.

During the two-hour patrols, police asked pedestrians to use the marked crosswalks, to use pedestrian crossing lights where available, to stop and look both ways before entering traffic and to not walk out between cars, he said.

Drivers were cautioned to be aware of pedestrians. They were also reminded that they must yield to all pedestrians entering a crosswalk, he said. 

During the patrols, seven tickets were issued to drivers mostly on a charge of failure to stop for a pedestrian.

“Our goal was to make people aware so no one is injured,” Peck said. “It was not to write tickets.”

The department often receives complaints about the crosswalks in the downtown area, which prompted the patrols, he said.

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