This election cycle has been an exciting one because of the hotly contested issues that are at stake. To my dismay, however, is that I am witnessing “poor sportsmanship” with particular political parties.

I am addressing specifically the theft of campaign signs in the Woodstock-Rumford areas.

In Woodstock alone, there have been more than 40 Republican campaign signs that have gone missing. They are swept away in clusters of six or more. There is no subtle behavior here or mistaken accusations. It has been occurring since the first week that campaign signs were posted on public and private lands.

That is not only an ignorant and malicious act, but an illegal one. The cost now is mounting and approaching $1,000 in the Oxford County area alone since each sign represents a minimum investment of $2 to $4, in addition to the countless hours that volunteers are generously giving to display those signs.

Do people wish to have an election won on theft, lies and bullying?

In addition, Republican signs have been singled out to be trampled and discarded in areas where a variety of political parties have been displayed.

Anyone having knowledge of those perpetrators should exercise his conscience and contact the Maine State Police where public lands are concerned. If someone’s private land has been violated, people can offer a helping hand to restore the missing signs.

Trying to win an election by malicious and illegal acts is a poor way to engage in the political process.

Diane Dupuis, Bryant Pond

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