100 years ago, 1914
With a sigh for the days that are gone, will many an old resident of Lewiston and Auburn learn of the death of Samuel Hibbert of Lewiston, a pioneer restaurant-keeper, a square man, a true friend and a tender heart. Thirty-five years ago, when this writer came to Lewiston, “Sam” Hibbert was working in his brother’s oyster-house in a little building on Lisbon street, north of Bicknell & Neal’s clothing store, which is now Cronin & Root’s. Over the door was the sign “Jack Hibbert’s.” Here was the social centre of the Club of Big Eats. Anyone who wanted a square meal went to Jack Hibbert’s. Fat custard pies; big mounds of cold fried sausages; huge plates of crisp brown slices of calf’s liver and bacon; oyster fancy roasts and last, but not least, the justly celebrated steamed oysters on the shell.

50 years ago, 1964
Twenty-one year old Victor Dufault of the Hotel Road, Auburn, was among the lucky hunters this past weekend who did not come home empty-handed. Dufault dropped a 73-pound “albino” deer — a rather uncommon species — while hunting with three companions in the Moosehead region last Saturday. He brought the unusual animal down with a 30.06 weapon. Included in the party were Douglas Beasley of Auburn, Joseph Hamel of Lisbon, and Albert Carbonneau, Auburn.

25 years ago, 1989
Seventy employees at an Oxford Street shoe shop in Lewiston will be laid off Nov. 20. The Billen Shoe Co. President Jerome Feinstein expressed hope that buyers for the company could be found and avert any layoffs. The company makes men’s shoes.

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