LEWISTON — The Friends of Pettingill Steering Committee met in early September at the home of Anne Auer.

The committee was joined by Mayor Bob Macdonald and the city’s Budget/Finance Director Norm Beauparlant.

According to Beauparlant, the rubber mulch surrounding the playground equipment is near the end of its lifespan, and the cost of replacement could be as much as $4,000. This is a specialized product made primarily for such purposes and is a cost that will have to be covered by Friends of Pettingill.

Landscape Architect Mitch Rasor presented some final tweaks to his park design proposal, including recommendations for trees like Elm, tree lilac, river birch, tulip tree, copper beach and Amelanchier, or shadbush, to create a grove on the corner of Little and Marble streets.

Committee members decided to do away with on-site parking because of the danger of cars driving into the playground area, and because there is sufficient street parking available.

There was also agreement that the old Pettingill School stone sign, rather than the wood sign, should be given priority for placement at the park entrance.

The committee is also working with Lewiston Schools Superintendent Bill Webster and Lewiston Regional Technical Center students to build a shade pergola near the center of the park.

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