Politics is just more of the same special interests running negative ads, hoping to lure the public into voting for a candidate of their choice. The end result is pay-back time. Everyone wants a position and nobody wants a job.

Some Democrats don’t “get it” — a vote for Congressman Mike Michaud brings Maine back to Baldacci’s failed policies that increased welfare benefits, especially for illegal immigrants.

In the last election, I voted for Eliot Cutler; not this time. Cutler says he will make sure that roads and bridges are repaired and would lower taxes 20 percent to 40 percent. Does he have a money tree on his Cape Elizabeth property?

Gov. LePage’s approach is to take care of the needy, not the greedy. Welfare handouts should not be the way of life for career abusers. The state should be going after welfare abusers. That is what needs to be done.

Joe Voisine, Monmouth

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