Nations survived epidemics, wars, invasions, immigration and disasters. Debt, however, kills nations.

Listening to the three 2nd District congressional candidates, it’s painfully obvious only one possesses the mental capacity to grasp the debt issue.

Bruce Poliquin stands apart. He understands finances and is one of a handful of Americans capable of solving that complex issue.

Sadly, most in Congress cannot fathom the debt problem, they just loot what’s left of the wealth for their side.

Poliquin brings his unique expertise as a proven leader on reducing debt — the greatest threat facing the future. His national leadership will make Maine proud.

Like his predecessors Hannibal Hamlin, Ed Muskie and Olympia Snowe, Poliquin has the knowledge and courage to solve the most important issue of this time.

With crushing debt disabling the country and children, people don’t need a do-nothing party hack. Maine needs a leader.

That’s why Bruce Poliquin gets my vote.

Stavros Mendros, Lewiston