Live Blog Election 2014, Lewiston Question 2: Recreational Marijuana Initiative

Voters in Lewiston and South Portland go to the polls Nov. 4 to decide on a marijuana initiative that would decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana within city limits.

A yes vote would allow adults 21-years-old and older to possess an ounce of the drug. It does not say how they can legally obtain that ounce and possession and use would still be illegal across the state.

The biggest impact on November’s vote may be well into the future. Legal marijuana advocates say these votes are setting the table for a statewide vote on legal marijuana.

Proponents say it’s time to legalize marijuana for adult use and argue that the any problems will not be worse than those caused by legal alcohol or tobacco. In fact, they claim decriminalizing the drug for recreational use might put an end to a lucrative black market.

Foes argue that all legalization will do is make it easier for the youth of the state get ready access to marijuana. They also argue that we don’t need another legal intoxicant.

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