100 years ago, 1914
The newly organized Androscoggin Electric Corp. assumed control of the Lewiston & Auburn Electric Light and the Portland, Gray & Lewiston railroad on Tuesday and from now on will have charge of the operation of those properties. No effort will be spared to make these properties model and efficient public utilities, so that they may contribute to the prosperity of that portion of the State which they serve.

50 years ago, 1964
(PHOTO CAPTION) Lewiston mail carriers no longer have to worry about nipped ankles and torn trouser legs. Today, for the first time, they went out onto their routes “armed” with a spray dog repellent which should discourage even the most persistent animals. Above, Foreman of Carriers Walter Johnson demonstrates use of the aerosol spray can, as the carriers look on. The repellent consists of a mixture of extract of cayenne pepper and mineral oil, and the instructions call for it to be sprayed into the eyes of an attacking dog. “Without a whimper,” says the instructions, “the dog will put his tail between his legs and retreat. Within ten to 15 minutes, the effect has worn off and the dog returns to normal. It leaves a yellowish coloration on the dog’s hair, which is removable by washing. This coloration is a help in identification of animal if a check for rabies is necessary.”

25 years ago, 1989
The Auburn Housing Authority is breaking new ground as it oversees renovations on what may be the city’s first co-op venture. Purchased in November 1988 by the Auburn Residential Development Corp., a separate entity of the AHA, the building at 4-6 Haskell St. will be divided into three units with three or four bedrooms each. A co-op differs from a condominium in that a condo unit is owned by the people living there, while in a co-op individuals own shares in the building’s worth.

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