I recently had the pleasure of hearing Androscoggin County Judge of Probate Michael Dubois speak. As controversial as judgeships have become, I found his comments refreshing.

Dubois told the crowd he is guided by the belief that everyone who comes into his courtroom is entitled to due process. Regardless of a person’s background, the wishes of the state and the politics — everyone in his courtroom is entitled to a fair hearing. Estates, wills, guardianship and protective proceedings require a judge who will act impartially in the role between citizens and the state.

While political parties battle over judgeships to promote their agendas, Dubois believes the state must respect all legal rights of individuals.

I am confident that Androscoggin County will continue to be well-served by a judge who is guided by fairness and a respect for life, liberty and property.

I will be voting to re-elect Judge Michael Dubois.

Jason Greene, Durham

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