TURNER — After reviewing the two bids for work on the rescue building, the Board of Selectmen awarded the work to the lowest bidder, KY Construction Inc., for $57,670.

The board wanted to go with radiant heat, so the bid was adjusted from the original figure of $57,320 to cover the additional cost.

The work involves adding two bedrooms, a bathroom, a chief’s office, doors and windows. The board discussed where the money would come from. Town Manager Kurt Schaub said there was no budget for the renovations.

It was agreed the money would come from the rescue capital reserve account.

Rescue Chief Toby Martin reported that he chose Lisa Bennett as his deputy chief and left the slot for captain open. Bennett agreed to do the job for no additional pay.

Martin said winter coats for the crews would run around $8,000. He said he would cover the cost of the coats by taking on more hours without extra pay.

Martin said the October calls totaled 69, consisting of 50 calls for Turner, 16 for Leeds and one each for Buckfield, Livermore and Auburn. They covered nine motor vehicle incidents and had 13 calls with Buckfield, 36 runs to CMMC, nine to St. Mary’s and two to Stephens. There were 22 calls for no transport.

Schaub reported that he had contacted 50 towns to find out what they were paying for contractual services with partner communities. Turner answers calls from Hartford and Leeds. The board will evaluate the survey in order to set new rates for the partner communities.

The board decided to have the tree lighting ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 2, so they could have their regular selectmen’s meeting on Monday, Dec. 1. They also voted to have new red lights for the tree and to have Santa appear on the big fire engine. Selectmen asked Schaub to try and get a school chorus to sing Christmas carols. Refreshments will be served.

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