In an Associated Press article by Jim Kuhnhenn and Robert Burns (Nov. 1) about the Ebola 21-day quarantine protocols of the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was quoted as saying: “I have one responsibility and that is the security of this country. And that means the security of our men and women and their families.”

He called the Pentagon’s step a “smart, wise, prudent, disciplined, science-oriented decision.”

Those are courageous words, indeed. They are in direct contradiction to the commander-in-chief. They are also echoed by U.S. generals and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The principle and importance of strict quarantine and hermetically sealing off the epicenter of an epidemic outbreak was the first thing we learned in medical school, a long time ago.

Talk by President Barack Obama to seriously consider the effect policies of strict quarantine measures might have on the willingness of medical personnel to go to Ebola-infested West Africa is totally misplaced and irrelevant.

Courageous and dedicated people going into an extremely dangerous environment are certainly not discouraged by a 21-day quarantine in the comfort of their own homes.

White House receptions and hugs for our medical humanitarians are certainly appreciated, but so would be some presidential actions and words of understanding for the justified concerns and anxieties of the American people.

One final thought — where is the newly-minted Ebola czar?

Klaus Kuck, Lewiston

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