Twenty-five Western Maine farms are featured in author Mary Quinn Doyle’s new book, “Unique Maine Farms.”

Doyle, of West Newfield, said she was looking to highlight a wide array from around the state.

She wrote about a farm that donates thousands of pounds of food to feed the hungry each year. 

A farm run by the Amish. A farm in a jail. 

She included 178 in all, visiting them and getting to know the farmers.

“It’s been amazing,” Doyle said. “Farmers are incredible people and they work so hard. It feels valuable to let people know about what they’re doing. Really, I think people in Maine should be very proud.”

The state is fortunate to have robust farm-to-school and farm-to-table movements, she said, along with ample resources for people looking to break in.

“These young people are really business savvy, well-trained,” Doyle said. “On so many farms I went to, the young farmers would say to me, ‘Well, I worked on such-and-such farm for three or four years; I gathered what I needed to realize what was going to sell or how I needed to grow or how I needed to market.'”

The book, out in September and published in Lewiston on Maine-grown paper, is available through her website:

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