GREENE — On Oct. 19, at the Androscoggin Grange’s annual Variety Show at the Grange Hall, new Grange Master Byron Boyington presented Mary Casper, director of the show, with a “Lifetime Outstanding Community Service Award.”

Casper is the sister of long-time Grange officer, and assistant director of the show, Janice Brewer. They are both residents of Greene.

Remarkably, even though Casper herself is not a member of the Grange, she has written and directed the Variety Show for 16 years, donating all the proceeds to the Grange. Without this very generous gesture, the Androscoggin Grange might have had some very rough financial times throughout the years.

Every year in October, the current crew gets together and puts on an entertaining, and certainly very funny show that is well worth seeing. The show’s cast and crew is made up talented local volunteers, some who are Grange members, and others who live in the area but do not belong to the Grange.

Many different types of entertaining shows, concerts and dances have been held at the Androscoggin Grange Hall for nearly 100 years.

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