Families of trees protrude the luscious lawns of Kennedy Park and an honorably dilapidated gazebo accents the area.

It is serene.

Children play in the playground. Cyclists honor cancer warriors by taking part in the Dempsey Challenge. Politicians grace the basketball courts for a domestic violence rally that sheds light to the epidemic and gave local Somali women an opportunity to speak out on this matter.

Stories of horror regarding homelessness, mental illness and drug addiction spread beyond the neighborhoods. The simplified term “ghettofication” implies self-afflicted situations, inevitably resulting in unproductive lifestyle choices.

Together, Lewiston-Auburn citizens strive to create, rebuild and support small businesses. Organizations within the community proactively fulfill like goals teaching youth individualism and leadership skills.

Outright L-A’s youth drop-in space takes place every Friday at the First Universalist Church of Auburn on Spring Street, and Z105.5 FM radio has entered the airwaves with a new, yet classic sound to rejuvenate and inspire.

Current Magazine has its own mission and direction to spread the word of many events, programs and activities for families and individuals.

Supplying helpful information pertaining to education, finding full- or part-time work or even volunteering is a specialty of Lewiston’s CareerCenter located on Mollison Way — a major point of resource for anyone interested in improving their quality of life.

Each person is entitled to have his own perspective. Some people are incited to act.

I am a rake in this season of life — I choose to advocate for the fallen foliage.

Tanika Dickson, Lewiston

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