In response to the Sun Journal story (Nov. 26), I am appalled that Commissioners Elaine Markas and Beth Bell have seen fit to ignore the wishes of Androscoggin County taxpayers and given themselves an obscene increase of $2,000 in wages and $8,400 in benefits on what was supposed to be a $3,000 job without benefits.

Randall Greenwood’s abstention shows a lack of leadership, unworthy of the people he purports to represent.

I have inquired about the recall procedure at the county commission’s office in Auburn and will pursue commissioners’ removal.

As an elected official myself (Auburn School Committee, Ward 1), I cannot fathom how those clowns can pass any straight-face test. Their actions are absurd and should not be allowed to stand.

I trust the four new commissioners coming on board will reject that ludicrous compensation package.

Peter Letourneau, Auburn

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