100 years ago, 1914
Two Auburn men looked out onto the Androscoggin river from Miller street, Sunday morning and saw a boy skating The next time they looked they saw a hole in the ice. Presently the head and shoulders of the young man who had been skating bobbed up out of the hole and it appears that everyone but the boy became excited. While one of the men on the shore ran for a rope the other walked cautiously toward the place where the boy had gone thru. Before the men got back with the rope the boy had one arm onto the solid ice but before doing anything else reached for his hat which floated near him and put it on his head. Then he wiggled out onto the safe ice and skated heavily away. He hadn’t uttered a sound and didn’t wait to discuss the matter. The two men do not know who he was.

50 years ago, 1964
A total of 22 Edward Little High School boys and one girl have bagged deer during the hunting season and are listed on the 1964 ELHS Student Deer Honor Roll. Taking top honors on the list is Ronald Allen who registered a 218-pound ten-point buck which he shot at Wilson Mills. The only girl on the list is Janet Lemieux, who tagged an eight-point 138-pound buck at Spencer.

25 years ago, 1989
In an Auburn inauguration ceremony Monday, Mayor Richard L. Trafton said his administration will push for better financial management, an increased citizens’ role and a closer look at both development and educational issues. Flanked by public school bands and standing before a crowd of more than 250 supporters, Trafton acknowledged that the city faces financial problems and promised to form a City Council committee to look at budget and fiscal issues as an extra layer of accountability. His words were welcomed by city councilors, a panel Trafton characterized as “fiscally conservative,” that would “draw some hard lines next spring in budget deliberations.”

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