Music remains an art form that evokes strong emotions and holds a special place in many a listener’s heart.

The following are a few gift ideas that are sure to have your favorite music fan singing your praises this holiday season.

* Concert tickets:

Perhaps no gift makes music fans’ hearts race more than tickets to see their favorite musicians perform. Your loved one probably has a favorite artist or someone he or she has long desired to see live. Look into that performer’s tour dates to see if they are playing your area anytime soon.

If they’re playing just before the holiday season, don’t hesitate to give this gift a little early. The same approach should be taken if an artist will be in town within a day or two of Christmas or Chanukah. Giving the tickets early enables your loved one the chance to clear his or her schedule.

* Musical instrument:

It’s never too early or too late to learn how to play a new instrument. Shoppers whose loved ones love a good rock-and-roll riff might find guitars make a great holiday gift, while those who can’t stop playing air drums should enjoy finding a real drum set come the holidays. When buying guitars, shoppers should learn which hand their loved ones favor.

* Music lessons:

Lessons are the next logical step once a music fan has the instruments to work with. But even those without an instrument of their own can benefit from music lessons. For example, music lovers who want to learn piano can make use of lessons even if they don’t have their own pianos at home.

Lessons can be a great way for music lovers to gauge their skill levels before buying an expensive instrument. In addition, lessons can turn music lovers on to new instruments or new types of music they may never have considered previously.

* Sound system:

Advancements in technology have proven to be music to music lovers’ ears. Music fans can now take advantage of crisp sound systems that make music that much more enjoyable. Sound systems come in many shapes and sizes, and they can vary significantly in regard to price.

When purchasing a sound system as a holiday gift, look for one that’s compatible with your loved one’s existing components, such as a television or music player.

* Streaming service membership:

Unlike the days when music fans had to wait for local deejays to play their favorite songs on the radio, today’s music fans can essentially create their own radio stations on their computers and even on their phones.

Shoppers can buy their favorite music fans subscriptions to streaming services, such as Pandora or Spotify, and listeners can then tailor their own stations to include their favorite genres, artists or individual songs. 

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