Finding the right gift come the holiday season is not always so simple. Many people on your list may seem as though they already have everything they could ever want or need, making it hard to find them a gift they will truly enjoy.

A great way to find the right gift is to think of a loved one’s hobbies and find something that fosters those passions. Many people love music, and if there happens to be a budding musician or someone who simply loves to rock on your list, then the following gifts may be music to their ears.

Concert tickets: The ultimate gift for many music fans is tickets to see their favorite performer in person. Concert tickets can sell out quickly, so research when tickets will be going on sale and be prepared to purchase them as early as possible. Some credit card companies sponsor concerts and make special arrangements with venues to offer cardholders advanced deals or special packages. Find out if your credit card company has such an offer available for the concert you are buying tickets for.

Digital gift card: Gone are the days when music fans visit a record store to purchase vinyl records, cassette tapes and even CDs. Many music fans now listen exclusively to digital music, so a gift card for digital downloads from Amazon or iTunes makes a great gift. A subscription to a music-streaming service also makes a great gift.

Theater tickets: Some people’s love of music stems from their love of live theater. Even if your loved one lives nowhere near the bright lights of Broadway, touring companies that perform popular Broadway shows visit cities both big and small across the country. Tickets to such shows can stoke your loved one’s passion for music and make for a great night out on the town.

Music lessons: Perhaps your loved one is a budding musician who can benefit from professional instruction? A great way to encourage their aspirations is to finance their lessons with local music or vocal instructors. Visit a nearby college or school for recommendations on local instructors. The franchise “School of Rock” has regional locations and offers musical training as well.

Music store gift certificate: Musicians often need to repair or replace their instruments, so a gift card to a music store can make for a much-needed and appreciated gift. Repairs and new instruments can be expensive, so if you plan to go this route, put enough money on the card to make a significant dent at the register.

Gadgets: Each year the market seems to offer newer and better ways to listen to music, and these gadgets may be on your loved one’s wish list.

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