But books aren’t the only gifts shoppers can give the readers on their lists this holiday season. The following are a few gift ideas no book lover can balk at.

* E-reader:

Before buying an e-reader, shoppers may want to first learn where the intended recipient of this thoughtful gift stands on the book versus e-reader debate. Some book lovers feel a sentimental attachment to traditional books, while others love the versatility of e-readers, many of which serve as tablets that allow users to peruse the Internet, play games and, of course, read books.

If your friend or family member does not have an aversion to e-readers, then this might make the ideal gift. The price of e-readers varies depending on their capabilities, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars depending on which model you ultimately choose.

* Storage:

For those readers who prefer traditional books, a new bookshelf can help them store their favorite titles. Books take up a lot of space, and avid readers tend to buy many new books each year, so homeowners and apartment dwellers alike will no doubt appreciate the extra space to store their collections.

But even e-reader enthusiasts may find their storage filling up faster than they might have liked. To remedy that problem, holiday shoppers can buy a Wi-Drive with ample extra storage space so readers who keep both books and movies on their e-readers and tablets have plenty of extra space to store all of those new books they plan to read in the coming year.

* Decorative bookends:

Those who have a passion for books and home decor might appreciate a unique set of handcrafted bookends to store the books they keep on their desks or those they keep out as decorative accents that guests can enjoy when visiting. Such gifts will please your friends or family members who have a flare for interior decorating while also appealing to their love of literature.

* Book club membership:

A membership to a Book of the Month Club may be right up the alleys of those readers who read too fast to join a local reading group or simply don’t have the time to devote to a community book club. Such memberships often sell classic titles and the latest bestsellers at a fraction of the cost of the publisher-established prices, and members typically can order as many books as they would like.

This can be a great way for readers to find new titles and keep the books coming in without breaking the bank. Avid readers are passionate about their books, and holiday shoppers can feed those passions by giving their favorite readers gifts that indulge their love of literature this holiday season. 

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