DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can you please find out if there will be any kind of tax rebate this year? In the past we had rent and tax refund on our property taxes from the state.

Last year we had just a straight tax refund, and even if we did not have to file income taxes, we had to file to claim this refund.

Your work is appreciated. — No Name, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots guesses you are referring to the Maine Residents Property Tax Fairness Credit. Here is what it says at

Eligible Maine taxpayers may receive a portion of the property tax or rent paid during the tax year on the Maine individual income tax return whether they owe Maine income tax or not. If the credit exceeds the amount of your individual income tax due for the tax year, the excess amount of credit will be refunded to you.

Homeowners or renters who meet all of the following requirements are eligible.

1. Were Maine residents during any part of the tax year.

2. Owned or rented a home in Maine during any part of the tax year and lived in that home during the year as a primary residence.

3. Paid property tax or rent on the primary residence in Maine during the tax year.

4. Meet certain income and property tax and/or rent paid limitations during the tax year.

You do have to file income taxes in order to get the benefit, but if you normally aren’t required to file, the paperwork is not difficult. Local groups that help with income taxes should also be able to help you with filing for this credit.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How can I contact Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends? — Chris Houlares

ANSWER: You can call Norm Blais at 207-240-3604 or send a message to [email protected] or P.O. Box 274, Greene, ME 04236. The Tommy’s bake sale is scheduled for Dec. 20 and 21.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Central Maine Medical Center is in need of special blankets for patients. These blankets will be used for patients in the hospital during their stay and to bring home with them, wherever home may be. A blanket will bring comfort to the person in time of need.

We are looking for volunteers to knit, crochet and quilt blankets. At this time we cannot provide any yarn or fabric, but if we receive donations we will pass them on to the group.

If you do not sew, knit or crochet, you may donate new yarn (100 percent acrylic, washable and dryable) or fabric (100 percent cotton or fleece).

Potential donors, please contact the volunteer office by calling or emailing me. Blankets or supplies may be dropped off at the volunteer desk at 60 High St. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please include your contact information; the items should be marked “volunteer services.”

Thank you so much. — Sue, 795-2472, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have in stock at my store, Log Cabin Craftworks in Dixfield,  some of the stars that go on the top of ceramic Christmas trees. They are clear, not yellow, but will reflect the light from inside.

I will send one to anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope with a little padding in it so the “stem” does not get broken in shipment. Check the postage on your envelope or just place two stamps.

If you drop in at the store and tell me what you want, I will give you one. — Norine Clarke, 562-8816, [email protected], 31 Main St., P.O. Box 394, Dixfield, ME 04224

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing to let you know that at Craft Mania we have the ceramic Christmas tree bulbs and star toppers. We are located at 120 Center St. in Auburn. — Lee Duguay, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In regard to the person looking for the star for her ceramic tree, after reading her letter I went to and found the stars and the lights for those trees. Thank you for that letter. Now I have lights for my tree. — A.G., Lewiston

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