Gifting travel enables couples or families who may not have the means to get away to hit the road in style. When giving the gift of travel, shoppers should consider gift certificates or vouchers that can be applied to flights or lodging.

Many travel businesses and websites now offer gift registry services that make it easy for shoppers to pay for getaways for their loved ones. Some travel agencies also incentivize travel gifts by offering coupons or discounts to shoppers who purchase travel packages for friends or family members.

Those on the lookout for travel-inspired gifts can explore the following options.

* Airline gift certificates:

A gift certificate makes it easy for travelers to book their own flights at their leisure. These certificates typically can be applied to any flight the airline offers and may even be transferable.

* Frequent flier miles:

Find out if your frequent flyer miles can be deposited directly into your loved one’s account. Later on he or she can redeem the miles for a desired flight.

* Luggage:

Frequent travelers may appreciate new luggage. Monogrammed tags can help make luggage easy to identify at luggage carousels in crowded airports.

* Small ship voyages:

Some cruise lines offer working vacations, where passengers participate in some of the responsibilities aboard the ship. These voyages are ideal for someone who enjoys being active and a part of the travel experience.

* Scuba lessons:

Travel enthusiasts who frequently jet off to tropical locales may want to learn to scuba dive, which means they must be certified after taking lessons. Foot the bill for those lessons so their next water adventure is complete.

* Traveler’s checks:

Sometimes the best gift is the simplest one. Traveler’s checks may seem like an outdated notion in the era of credit cards, but they’re still available. Banks and credit card companies are the best place to find traveler’s checks.

These checks are safer than bringing cash along on a trip because they provide travelers with protected purchasing power for the duration of their trips. Prepaid gift cards also can be used for travel. Just confirm that the card is accepted by retailers at your loved one’s travel destination.

Travel gifts can bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones. These unique gifts are a novelty that’s not often found tucked under the tree. 

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