Lewiston High School is in the process of instituting proficiency-based learning for all ninth-graders.

Substantial problems have already surfaced: The new grading system is not understood by anyone; student grading rubrics are not valid or reliable; not all subject curriculums/content have been completed; the athletic eligibility policy does not work with the grading system; there is a lack of some ninth-grade reading level books; there is no way to earn a grade of 4; and no way to determine Top 10 or National Honor Society.

Administrators stated repeatedly they were ready to implement PBL. They are four months into the process and it is unmistakably clear they were not ready. The ninth-grade students are “guinea pigs” in a very flawed implementation process.

To try to fix the mess, administrators are taking away three student education days from the ninth-graders and making them teacher/ administrator workshop days.

Will any administrator be held accountable for this mess?

School Committee members need to hear from parents/community members regarding this problem.

Crystal Ward, Lewiston