Those under the influence of FOX News claim that all other news sources are “liberally” biased. Those news sources are “the media” (FOX is not?) Apparently FOX (the mouthpiece of right-wing bias) has some special interest in telling “the truth,” whereas others do not.


Conservative commentators know that if people are routinely told what they want to hear, they will have a devoted audience. They are literally in business to give ’em what they want.

They don’t “report” news; they just reflect what their devoted audience already thinks. They know what despots past knew: when society is in turmoil, people are gullible, looking for things to believe in. If people don’t want to hear about climate change, just tell them it doesn’t exist.

Their number one job is to take every opportunity to criticize and never, ever, agree with, or praise, anything done or said by those who don’t agree with their agenda.

If someone has the integrity to speak truthfully, such as Sen. John McCain’s defense of the release of the CIA torture report, he had better watch out. You don’t want to get on the conservative media’s list as unpatriotic.

A FOX commentator’s reaction to that report was that America is “awesome.” That’s the reaction a small, rabid segment of the population wants to hear.

In Maine, whenever Gov. Paul LePage gets angry at news sources for factually reporting what he says, he blames his woes on “the media,” and that same rabid segment nods in unison agreement.

Jeff Christiansen, Gorham

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