RUMFORD — The Rumford Historical Society is selling restaurant-themed calendars to raise money to preserve its historical documents and artifacts, President Randall Smith said Friday.

Although the society has sold calendars related to the town’s history in the past, Smith said they had never focused on a specific theme.

“We used to include random photographs in the calendar, but during a recent meeting, we decided to use local restaurants and recipes as a theme,” Smith said. “We got a lot of the photographs and recipes from our Archives Office.”

While organizing the calendar, society members attempted to use recipes that matched certain months, he said.

“We tried to have holiday-themed recipes showcased during the holiday months and summer recipes during the summer months,” he said. “We put a lot of thought into how everything was set up, and I think we came up with something really nice.”

Smith lauded society member Janice Irish for helping arrange the calendar.

“Janice did a lot of the editing and outlining for the calendar,” Smith said. “Nghia Ha also helped a lot with making sure the calender came out right.”

The calendars are available for $4 each and come in two sizes: 5½ by 8 inches, or 8½ by 11 inches.

They can be purchased at Bartash’s Gift Sore, Carlisle’s Clothing Store, Davis’ Florist, Delux Diner, Ink!, Ink Plaza, Rumford House of Pizza, the tax collector’s office and Rumford Historical Society offices.

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