RLRS Winter Varsity Basketball Schedule ­ Revised 12/17/14

Date: Site: Opponent: Time:

11/28 Rangeley Alumni 5:00VG/7:00VB

11/24 Rangeley Mt. Abram 6:00VB **Exhibition

12/2 Rangeley HallDale 6:00VG **Exhibition

12/5 Richmond Richmond 5:30VG/7:00VB


12/12 North Haven North Haven 5:00VG/6:30VB

12/13 North Haven North Haven 8:30VG/10:30VB

12/16 Thomas Isleboro 5:00VB/6:30VG

12/19 Greenville Greenville 5:00VG/6:30VB

12/22 Rangeley Buckfield 5:00VG/6:30VB****

12/30 Rangeley Greenville 5:00VB/6:30VG


**1/2 Thomas Isleboro 12:00VG/1:30VB

1/6 Rangeley Valley 5:30VG/7:00VB

1/9 Rangeley Vinalhaven 5:30VG/7:00VB

1/10 Rangeley Vinalhaven 9:00VG/10:30VB

1/13 Buckfield Buckfield 5:00VG/6:30VB

1/16 Jackman Forest Hills 5:00VG/6:30VB


1/20 Hinkley Hyde School 5:00VB/6:30VG

1/23 Bingham Valley 5:30VG/7:00VB

**1/28 Rangeley AR Gould 3:00VB

1/28 Rangeley Kents Hill 5:00VG

1/30 Rangeley Richmond 5:00VG/6:30VB

Games in BOLD are home events, not necessarily at RLRS!


RLRS Middle School Basketball Schedule ­ as of 1/6/15

Date: Site: Opponent: Time:

12/18 Rangeley Kingfield 3:30MG/4:45MB

1/8 Phillips Phillips 4:00MG/5:15MB

**1/12 Stratton Stratton 4:00MG/5:15MB

1/13 Rangeley Strong 3:30MG/5:15MB


**1/20 Rangeley Phillips 4:30MB/5:45MG

1/22 Rangeley Stratton 3:30MB/4:45MG

1/27 Kingfield Kingfield 4:00MB/5:15MG

1/29 Strong Strong 4:00MB/5:15MG

Games in BOLD are home events!

RLRS Ski Program


Date: Site: Departure Time:

1/13 Sugarloaf 9:00am

1/20 Titcomb 2:00pm

2/4 Titcomb 2:00pm

2/7 Spruce Mtn. 9:00am

2/12 Shawnee Peak TBD: State Meet


RLRS Cheering

Cheering will participate in all home RLRS Varsity basketball games unless indicated by the



1/24 Regional Cheering Meet ­ Bangor

2/7 State Cheering Meet ­ Augusta

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