LEWISTON During a meeting Wednesday, the public gave input about what kind of elementary school should be built to replace Martel Elementary, and whether that school should be big enough to house 950 students.

Big can be great, parent Darby Ray said. 

Her daughter attends Geiger, a school with more than 700 students.

“I want to say that well-managed, large schools offer wonderful learning environments,” she said, offering an anecdote.

A photo of Ray and her daughter sledding down a hill appeared in the Sun Journal on Jan. 5.

“Teachers who never taught my child said, ‘Oh! I saw your picture in the paper it’s so cute!’”


Teachers brought in their own copy of the paper to give to the girl.

Even though the school is large, “the teachers know all the children” and care, she said.

Ray thanked the members of the Lewiston Redistricting Committee for their work.

“I really appreciate it,” she said.

Bonnie Washuk

Turner Bigfoot verdict?


He visited. He droned. And he couldn’t be sure.

Bigfoot hunter Bill Brock flew his drone over Western Maine woods this week after a homeowner and his son reported hearing weird noises and catching something curious on camera.

On Tuesday, Brock posted a third video to YouTube titled “Shocking info exposed,” with drone footage and final thoughts on his investigation of their woods.

In it Brock says he didn’t find any evidence to prove the sightings of the tall, dark figure were actually Bigfoot nor could he find evidence that it was all a hoax.

He does say that word got back to him of the teenage witness telling friends he’d faked the sighting but, when pressed, the teen told him that he’d felt teased by peers and teachers at school into recanting.

When he watched the footage earlier this week, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman said the stride didn’t set right with him.

“(It) appears to be a person wearing a loose-fitting suit,” Coleman said. “The person is shown lifting the feet in an exaggerated fashion, with a flapping of what seems to be parts of the legs of a suit. Verdict: Fake.”

— Kathryn Skelton

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