Hike Contest

Calling all hiking and outdoor enthusiasts! I’m doing something a little different this week. I want to see how well you know our beautiful Maine woods and in return for your correct answers, all four of them, you will secure yourself a three-month subscription to the Rumford Falls Times.

Now, take careful consideration before submitting your answers, as there will only be one winner. The first person to respond with all four correct names via email or Facebook wins.

I don’t really think I need to give you any hints, other than all of these photos were taken in Maine while I was hiking over the past year.

These pictures may or may not have been included in a previous journal, but if they were, you have a leg up on your competitors.

I wish you all luck and look forward to seeing how well you know our majestic Maine mountains.

Please email [email protected] or visit us on Facebook to submit your answers.