CARRABASSETT VALLEY– With the ever-growing popularity of mountain biking in the Carrabassett Valley area, Sugarloaf will host the first Sugarloaf Fat-Tire Festival, April 3 through 5,  the resort announced Monday. The festival will be organized in collaboration with the Carrabassett Region New England Mountain Bike Association and Maine Huts & Trails.

Fat-tire biking is a cycling subcategory that has garnered an impressive following since its 2012 emergence; the concept and design have been around since the 1980s.

The bikes are comprised of wide rims, extra-large tires, and an oddly-dimensioned frame that holds the unit together. With the wider tires, some measuring four-plus inches, cycling enthusiasts are able to bike in places and conditions that were previously impossible. The additional surface area adds notable grip and makes these vehicles capable of covering ground on soft surfaces such as mud, sand, and even snow.  

The resort’s three-day festival will feature fat-bike demos, a guided ride, lunch at the Stratton Brook Hut, and highlighted by a fat-tire bike race up and back down a specially designed race course built on Sugarloaf’s trail network.

 “Fat-tire biking is ideal during the in-between seasons when the mountain bike trails are too soft and muddy or covered in snow,”  said Joseph Hines, Carrabassett Valley Mountain Bike Trail Builder. 

During the summer months, Hines helps design, build, and maintain the mountain bikes trails within Carrabassett Valley network.

Due to the efforts of the town of Carrabassett, and Maine Huts & Trails, mountain bike trail construction has flourished in the area, resulting in a 40 mile network of world-class cross-country trails, and growing. Now in its fourth year of development, approximately $260,000 has been expended to fund the project with continued trail development planned for 2015.

“The trail vision and current product has received rave reviews from local riders, guests and trail building experts alike,” said Dave Cota, Carrabassett Valley’s Town Manager. “With continued support and development, mountain biking has become an integral part of our summer business.”

During the winter months, fat-tire bikes are welcomed on the Maine Huts & Trails network and Narrow Gauge Pathway.

For more information on the Sugarloaf Fat-Tire Festival, please visit


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