PARIS — The recent spate of bad weather contributed to town vehicles getting into three separate accidents, leaving a police officer injured and unable to return to work.

The most recent accident occurred Monday morning, Feb. 16, police Lt. Jeff Lange said. Officer Mike Dailey was responding to a crash on Ryerson Hill Road when the 2009 Ford Interceptor he was driving was struck by another vehicle, Lange said by email.

“The winds were blowing, causing whiteout conditions,” Lange wrote. Dailey had to stop his vehicle in his lane because he couldn’t see and the cruiser was struck head-on.

The cruiser was hit on the driver’s side by a truck, Town Manager Amy Bernard said at Monday night’s selectmen meeting. The crash happened in an area where there were significant snow drifts, she added.

Lange said the other driver involved was Nicole Vladyka of Lovell. Dailey and Vladyka were transported to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway and released. State police investigated the accident and have not issued any citations.

The lieutenant said the police cruiser is in a shop and there’s no estimate yet on the damage.

Dailey hasn’t been cleared to return to duty, Lange wrote.

Bernard said it looks like the officer could be off duty for another week or two.

This is fourth time this police cruiser has been involved in a crash and the second time in four months that Dailey was in an accident while driving a town vehicle. At the end of October, he was driving the 2013 Ford Taurus police cruiser when it was rear-ended by a distracted driver as he tried to make a left turn onto Hebron Road in Paris.

The other driver was identified as Faye Taylor of Bryant Pond.

No citation was issued.

Dailey was transported to the Norway hospital for back and neck injuries and was out of work for about three months. There was $7,000 worth of damage to the back of the vehicle.

Another accident, which happened during the Jan. 27 blizzard, involved the town’s John Deere loader in the municipal parking lot in Market Square. Its rear end stuck out onto Church Street and was hit by a car.

A third and more recent accident involved a Highway Department truck, though Bernard wasn’t sure of the date. A vehicle came up on it as the operator was moving snow on top of the pile, which didn’t allow the town truck enough room to reverse. The vehicle was in the truck’s blind spot, Bernard said, and when it moved backward, it struck the other vehicle.

“Our vehicles weren’t damaged at all,” she said about the Highway Department accidents.

She was unsure of the damage caused to the other vehicles, but suspected the town would have to pay for them.

Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman Robert Wessels asked Monday night if the town should be worried about its insurance. Bernard said she wasn’t.

“That’s the beauty of having (the Maine Municipal Association). It really saved us,” she said, adding that even if the town’s insurance does go up because of the accidents, it wouldn’t jump much because the MMA insurance rate is based on the entire pool of municipalities, not a single town.

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