Last year, 255 gowns were donated to WLU and 55 gowns were given away for free at the event. WLU also donated a dozen gowns to another local nonprofit, Tri-County Mental Health’s Social Learning Center, for its clients’ yearly formal dance.

At last year’s event, 65 girls attended and registered for prizes such as gift certificates for prom-related items from many different businesses including restaurants, cash, jewelry, flowers and facials. WLU is looking for people and businesses to donate services and products for gown seekers at this year’s event.

To attend the prom gown giveaway event, there are no restrictions on where the girl resides, what school she attends or where her prom is being held.

Gown racks and coat trees are needed to display the gowns and transform some of the seven bathrooms at the mansion into dressing rooms. Volunteers to help work at the event are urged to participate.

Gowns can still be donated through Friday, March 27. WLU asks that already-worn gowns be cleaned prior to donating. New gowns are accepted, too. For more information, call 207-753-0931 or email [email protected]

HELLO SUN SPOTS: Saw your article in Sun Spots [regarding Richard Theberge who was killed in a plane crash at the Auburn airport in 1968]. I am retired from the Auburn Police Dept. I was there the night Mr. Theberge was killed. I tried to call the number for Mrs. Taylor but could not get through. She can reach me via email at [email protected]

RESPONSE: Sun Spots also was unable to reach Pauline Taylor at that phone number on Wednesday during the day, but on Thursday morning the phone was working again, but Pauline was at work. Sun Spots learned that she had received four calls in response to her inquiry in this column. Thank you readers for helping Pauline in her search.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: There is a cemetery on Stevens Mill Road in Auburn that I pass by quite frequently. For two years I have noticed that small American flags are put near the graves for Memorial Day. They are not removed for winter and it upsets me to see the flags dragging in the dirty snow. — Patriot in Auburn.

ANSWER: Sun Spots contacted the city of Auburn and learned via Denis D’Auteuil, director of public services, that, “Each year volunteers from various veteran Posts in Auburn coordinate the flag placement prior to the Memorial Day holiday. In late April city staff will remove flags as they begin spring clean-up activities in our cemeteries and any remaining are replaced with new flags as we prepare our cemeteries for the Memorial Day holiday. Between the volunteer efforts and city staff we do our very best to replace old and tattered flags as quickly as we can.”

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