FARMINGTON — Staffers at the Franklin County Animal Shelter are preparing for the annual spring influx of cats.

“There will be a ton of cats,” Erin Miner, website/volunteer coordinator, said.

Last year, the shelter took in 1,050 cats, she said. Over half of them arrived between May and August, she said.

The number of dogs at the shelter also increases during the summer. Of the 468 dogs taken in in 2014, about 300 came between May and August, she said.

This means more supplies are needed to care for the animals.

“We will go through more food, cleaning supplies, vaccines, medical tests, blankets and the list goes on,” she said.

Another summer challenge: There are also more pregnant cats.

“Baby kittens are extremely fragile for the first few weeks of their lives,” she said. “So an animal shelter with several other cats, some of which are sick, is not a good place for them to start out.”

People can provide much-needed temporary care for a mother cat and kittens in their home, she said. Caretakers are given the food and materials needed until the kittens are about 2 months old and are returned to the shelter to prepare for adoption.

The shelter also looks for volunteers during the summer.

“With more animals, each dog and cat is getting less individual attention from staff,” she said. “The more volunteers willing to play with dogs and pet cats, the better their lives will be.”

The nonprofit organization relies on donations and the generosity of the public, she said.

Those interested in donating supplies and/or money, caring for a cat and kittens, or volunteering are asked to contact the shelter at 778-2638 or visit its website at www.

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