An Maine resident who lost relatives in the EgyptAir disaster has reached out to Germanwings families to give them support.

Jim Brokaw founded the Families of EgyptAir 990 as a support group after losing his father and stepmother in the 1999 crash, caused by a co-pilot who is believed to have intentionally flown the jet into the ocean.

The Brunswick resident said he has reached out to Germanwings families over Facebook, offering to provide them any help he can based upon his experience dealing with such a tragedy.

Investigators believe Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally flew a passenger plane into a mountain in France on Tuesday, killing all 150 people onboard.

Brokaw says “I want people to know they’re not alone.” He says that after such a crash, families can be deluged with information and questions, and it helps to have a point of contact who can help them sort through it all at a time they’re still grieving.

He added: “It’s disorienting, it’s literally unspeakable — there are no words for expressing the total loss.”

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