LIVERMORE — Following a public hearing Monday night, the Board of Selectpersons recommended discontinuing winter maintenance on Leavitt Road Extension/Bryant Road.

Voters will decide the issue at the annual town meeting Wednesday, June 10.

Stopping winter maintenance for Bryant, Brewster and Wyman roads was considered because of costs, wear and tear on equipment and safety issues for the road crew. 

No one expressed concerns about Bryant Road, where a former dwelling burned. However, Cory Brewster was concerned about closing Brewster Road and Chris McHugh talked about a previous board’s agreement to plow Wyman Road as long as his property stayed in his name. If he sold or moved, the road would be considered a private drive, he said.

McHugh said he hasn’t found anything in writing to back up his recollection, but former Selectperson John Wakefield said he also remembers the agreement.

McHugh referred to four other properties that are accessed from Wyman Road. 

Road foreman Roger Ferland said, “Every pass through there is a struggle.”

McHugh said he plans to cut several trees at his expense this summer and hopes Central Maine Power will install a taller pole to make turning around easier.

McHugh said his son suffers from severe allergies and he feels better when going to work knowing that the road is maintained.

Brewster said he was under the assumption that Brewster Road was a public way when he bought his house 10 years ago. “It was one of the deciding factors,” he said. If the road is discontinued, property values will go down and he will want to be compensated for that, he said.

Brewster also spoke of his 82-year-old mother and what would happen if an ambulance couldn’t get to her. “Someone has to be accountable,” he said.

“The issue with both roads is turning the (plow) trucks around,” Selectperson Rod Newman said.

Selectperson Tim Kachnovich asked if the turnaround on Brewster Road could be enlarged.

Brewster said he always left a parking spot for the trucks to turn around, but he could take another look.

Selectperson Peter Castonguay said a lot of residents look at the situation as the town plowing private driveways.

Brewster said he understood the perception but questioned stopping maintenance on a road that is used.

The board voted to table decisions on Brewster and Wyman roads, take a closer look at them and possibly revisit the issue next year.

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