GARDINER — “Richard3 (Cubed),” a film by Michael Miclon, will be presented at Johnson Hall at 7 p.m., Saturday, April 18. Tickets for all all seats are $6.

Miclon,  the executive and artistic director of Johnson Hall is also the screen writer, director and lead actor in Boo Dog Film’s latest production. 

“Richard3” is a comedic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Richard III.” Shot on location throughout Maine, from Fort Popham in Phippsburg to the former St. Patrick’s Church in Lewiston and used only Maine actors, all of whom are classically trained, physical comedy stage performers. The production also included over 300 extras from all over Maine and New Hampshire.

Production on the film began in the summer of 2012. After two years of pre-production, plus a successful fundraising campaign through Kickstarter, Miclon and his team completed the film and are now preparing to enter it in festivals across the country. “In June of 2013, we had the great fortune to show the first-cut version of ‘Richard3′ to a sold-out crowd of 428 people at the Emerge Film Festival,” Miclon reports. “Since then, we have been sharpening our editing knives and have prepared this third cut to show at Johnson Hall.’

“Richard3” was created with a low budget of $65,000.00 but it is not a low-budget film. Seasoned actors, costumers and filmmakers came together to create this project. The story of the famed hunchback, maniacal king who murders his way to the top surprisingly and easily lent itself to the absurd. Adding a twist or two to the original script and trimming away some of the less essential parts of the story, they created a script that told the story and utilized everything in their performing arsenal, from improvisation to juggling.

Founder of BooDog Films and the Oddfellow Theater, Miclon has created videos and short films in 10 countries on four continents for corporate and humanitarian groups over the last 14 years. A veteran of live performance, he’s perhaps best known locally for “The Early Evening Show,” the longest running variety show in Maine history. “Richard3” was adapted from the Oddfellow Theater’s live performance of the same name, which the Portland Phoenix called “comedic genius.” 

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Johnson Hall’s website at or call the box office at (207) 582-7144

Michael Miclon as Richard III and Hannah Perry as Lady Ann in a scene from “Richard3 (Cubed),” which will be screened at Johnson Hall in Gardiner at 7 p.m.,  Saturday, April 18.

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