100 years ago, 1915
At a special meeting of the Lewiston Ad Men’s club held Wednesday, the members went on record as endorsing one-cent postage for letters. This subject was brought up by H. A. Free at a previous meeting and referred to a committee of which Mr. Free was chairman. This committee made its report at the meeting. The report included a resolution. It was voted to send a copy of this resolution to Senator Johnson and Congressman McGillicuddy. The secretary of the club was further instructed to send a letter to both members of congress with the resolution.

50 years ago, 1965
The Sanitary Market at 65 Lisbon St., Lewiston, closed its doors, Saturday, with the close of business and all operations now will be carried on from Food Town on Spring Street, Auburn. The store has been in operation on Lisbon Street since 1932. It has occupied its own building between the Depositors Trust Co. and the Lewiston Hardware & Plumbing Supply Co. The property was modernized in recent years. The Sanitary Market has been carried on by John and Benjamin Abromson of Auburn. Employees of the Lisbon Street store are being absorbed in the expanded Auburn supermarket.

25 years ago, 1990
No one showed up at a public hearing before the Lewiston City Council Tuesday night to speak about the city’s proposed budget, which carries a 14 percent tax increase. City officials were not dismayed about the lack of public participation in the budget hearing. “The people elect us to be watchdogs for the taxpayer,” Mayor James P. Howaniec said. “We certainly hear their concerns on the street.”

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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