TURNER — A story published on Page B3 of Tuesday’s City edition should have said the municipal budget approved Saturday’s annual town meeting totaled $2.67 million. The total budget will be $8.48 million when the county assessment of $495,922 and educational assessment, if approved as proposed at $5.3 million, are added.

The story should also have said the amount of money to be raised from taxes for the municipal budget will rise from about $377,000 this fiscal year to about $694,000 for 2015-16. About $240,000 of that is for an increase to the Rescue Department budget.

The story also should have listed the following budget amounts approved by voters: $2,500 for the GAR Community House; $125,000 for the highway equipment reserve; $194,624 for summer roads; $8,900 for maintenance of town cemeteries; and $20,848 for the Boofy Quimby Memorial Center.

It was a combination of wrong information submitted to the Sun Journal and reporting and editing errors.

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