There they go again — Lewiston officials looking for new ways to mess up downtown Lisbon Street when the answer to the problem is just a stone’s throw away, literally.

The canal is obsolescent. Fill the useless trench and make Canal Street a four-lane expressway from Adams Avenue to Main Street. It’s a straight shot. It would create ample room for a promenade and parking spaces to better serve businesses. Local traffic only to Pine Street and make Pine Street a two-way street.

Now, close downtown Lisbon Street from Main Street to Pine Street (at the very least) and turn it into an esplanade, pedestrians only, or, perhaps a bike lane. No vehicle traffic.

Also, no left turn from Main Street to the Canal Street expressway. Instead, build a turnaround where the Union Water Power building is to access the expressway going south.

As it stands now, traffic will never get any better. Downtown Lisbon Street has become a hazardous traffic jam.

Just something to think about and act upon now.

Albert Grandmaison, Lewiston

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