FAYETTE — Fayette voters at the June 13 town meeting will be considering a cemetery ordinance that may allow leashed dogs and service animals in the town’s cemeteries.

Selectmen, Town Manager Mark Robinson, and sexton Ron Hewett discussed the matter at the April 13 selectmen’s meeting. Selectman Jon Beekman said he wanted to see service animals accepted at the cemeteries. Hewett responded that the issues that arise come from people not cleaning up after their pets.

Selectman Berndt Graf said that the dogs should be on a leash if they are allowed at the cemetery.

“I’ve not seen any town that allowed dogs,” said Hewett.

Selectmen agreed that language should be included in the ordinance requiring dog owners to clean up after their pets.

“No matter what you do, how would you enforce it?” asked Robinson.

Selectmen noted that stern reminders could be posted warning about the importance of cleaning up after one’s dog at a cemetery.

Hewett expressed his support for a cemetery committee, saying he felt like it was a conflict of interest for him to ask for more money in the cemetery budget.

“Most towns have a cemetery committee, which we don’t have. I’ve seen it in other town’s ordinances,” he said.

Robinson said that he he had put in $5,500 for cemeteries in this year’s budget, but wanted the selectmen to consider more.

“I think the town has gotten an incredible bargain for all you’ve contributed over the years,” he said to Hewett.

Selectman Joseph Young said he wanted to see a capital list of things that needed to be done at the town’s six cemeteries.

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