From the pages of the Livermore Falls Advertiser 

75 years ago: 

The local unit of the US Naval Reserves (Naval Communication Reserves) was visited and inspected by the Section Commander and his staff officers at the regular drill.

A very favorable impression was made on the inspecting officers and they commended the unit on its splendid showing and high standing.

Military tactics are being taken up, and the public will be invited for inspection next Navy Day.

The Annual Father-Son Banquet of the Morse Hill Boys 4-H Club took place on Thursday evening at North Jay Grange Hall. 49 members and guests attended and all but two members and three fathers were present.

Work began Monday on the construction of a new road on High Street. The steam shovel which has been in use on the athletic field project at Livermore Falls High School has been transferred to High Street and a large crew of men are being employed. 

The road will be widened, straightened and the knolls cut down and graded. It is expected that the project will require several weeks to be completed.

April 1940 has produced nearly every kind of weather so far. Sunshine has been below normal so far but last week residents were given a suggestion of what summer is like when the thermometer climbed well up into the 70s. The beautiful day caused a disappearing act for the remainder of snow left from the sever storm of about a week ago.

50 years ago: 

Miss Janyce Churchill was chosen Miss Livermore Falls from among seven contestants at the Miss Livermore Falls Scholarship Pageant held Saturday evening at the LFHS Gymnasium. She was crowned by Miss Maine, Miss Ellen Warren. Miss Churchill is the daughter of Supt. and Mrs. Llewellyn Churchill of this town.

Miss Alfreda Dufour, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dufour, was named first runner-up. Second runner-up was Miss Kay King, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman King. Both families are from Livermore Falls.

Miss Jeanne Pomeroy was chosen Miss Congeniality. Miss Pomeroy is a Wilton Academy student from Dryden.

A1c Richard Amero and Chief Warrant Officer David R. Wells recently had the honor to be representatives of the US Air Force greeting President and Madame Chaing Kai Shek on an inspection tour of a Prime Chinese Air Force Installation located on the extreme southern end of Taiwon.

Airman Amero and Mr. Wells were on duty in the operation room of the Radar Station at the time of the President’s arrival. Airman Amero had the distinction of receiving a warm friendly handshake from the President.

Airman 1st Class Amero, a Communications Center Specialist, joined the Air Force in 1961 and is in charge of the Communications Center at O Laun Pi, Taicuoa. He graduated from LFHS in 1957 and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Amero of Livermore Falls.

On Saturday the G & G Construction Co, George and Gerald Walsh, will break ground at Oak Street in Jay to excavate for 5,500 feet of a 10 inch water main. The new installation will go from the former Bryant’s Garage on Route 4 up to the top of Jay Hill about 3,900 feet, then into the Walsh Subdivision Development by way of Summit Street, down Belmont Drive to Skyline Avenue and back to Route 4 which will be about 1,600 feet of water main in the new development.

A special town meeting will be held next Monday to see if the town will take up Gerald Walsh’s offer to dig the ditches wide and deep enough to accommodate the laying of a sewer pipe as well, if the town will take care of the cost of sewer pipe and the labor of laying same.

The land and buildings at the corner of Park and Depot Streets owned by Mrs. Rose Strout Champagne and operated as Parker’s Lunch has been sold to Ware and Butler, Inc., of Waterville and Skowhegan. This long established concern deals in Lumber and Builders Hardware.

The building will be razed to make room for a new building.

25 years ago: 

Over forty people were present at the recent SAD 36 Board of Directors meeting, and some of them were openly critical of the proposed gym roof project.

Arvah Lyons, representing the Bureau of Public Improvements (BPI), was present to discuss the current regulations that will govern the replacement of the roof on the gymnasium and locker room areas. According to Mrs. Lyons, the Livermore Falls project is the “first long span gym roof we’ve dealt with.”

“Our two main concerns are structural safety and energy conservation,” said Lyons. Collapse of roofs on several buildings around the country have led to implementation of a regulatory code where there is no state building code.

Initially it was thought that the concrete “tees” would have to be replaced, but it now appears that the tees are adequate to support the required amount of weight.

An interpretation is being sought to see if new code changes would permit making the repairs without having to get BPI approval.

Fayette town manager Mr. Cushing announced his resignation this week to be  effective on the appointment of a successor, or at the end of the fiscal year, “whichever comes first.”

Mr. Cushing had planned to resign in a year when he agreed to take the town manager position, and that everyone was aware of his plans to move to Florida in August.

“My purpose in being here was to help the town get straightened out,” said Mr. Cushing. “People appear to be willing to work together now. I believe the town is on the right track.”

Students from Livermore Falls Middle School and some from the high school paraded down Main Street carrying banners promoting environmental awareness in celebration of Earth Day last Friday.

The students converged at the site of the new gazebo to hear speeches and to plant a tree commemorating Earth Day 1990.

For the third consecutive year, the Jay Junior High School Science Olympiad team was victorious at the State Finals. The Jay team now qualifies for the National Science Olympiad Tournament in Pittsfield, Pennsylvania in May.

The Science Olympiad contest consists of head to head competitions in a wide variety of Science skill areas. Some events test competitor’s knowledge, other events involve problem solving, while some involve creating inventions.

There were 17 different events this year. Jay took first place in Egg Drop, Aerodynamics, Mouse Trap Vehicle, Anatomy, and Crime Busters. Jay earned second in Tree I.D. and third places in Hot House, Rocks and Fossils, and Music.

The team will now be undertaking fundraising activities to help defray the costs of attending the Nationals.

Compiled by Pam Harnden. 

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