LIVERMORE — Property owners overflowed a meeting room in the Town Office on Tuesday evening to address their concerns about partying, illegal dumping and damage along Meadowview Road.

The issue was addressed recently by Canton selectmen who voted to look into prices for two gates to be placed at either end of the road; one end is in Livermore and the other in Canton.

Livermore residents spoke about parties involving alcohol, pallets used to build bonfires and excessive noise from the revelers’ vehicles. The possibility of fires getting out of control, the trash left behind and damage to the road are some of their concerns.

One resident said, “I’m sick of the loud trucks.”

Another expressed fear about the safety of his grandchildren, given the amount of traffic. “It’s getting ridiculous,” he said.

Another said that on Easter weekend there were so many trucks hauling landscape trailers that it looked like a snowmobile dealership. There was a steady stream from noon until 10 p.m. He stopped counting at 40 vehicles.

Selectperson Tim Kachnovich said the town doesn’t own property there and hasn’t maintained the road for years.

Some residents have been dealing with the issue for more than 20 years and question the installation of gates.

Kachnovich said landowners should be able to put a gate up if all of the landowners are in agreement.

One resident said the road is a wonderful asset. Families use it to get to Canton Lake for picnics. “Young adults are not being held accountable,” he said. 

Social media and cellphones have added to the situation.

Some attendees admitted to partying there when they were younger. They say it’s a cultural problem.

One resident said large landowner E.J. Carrier has given permission to post his property. His land manager has also indicated that violators will be taken to court.

It was suggested that swinging gates be used to allow access for emergency vehicles. Several landowners said they would be willing to help cover costs for the gates.

Selectperson Peter Castonguay noted that everyone who owns land on the road needs access. 

Selectpersons asked Administrative Assistant Carrie Castonguay to check with the town’s attorney regarding putting up gates.

In other business, Carrie Castonguay told the board of a potential issue with the new compactor at the transfer station. There is not enough electricity and a high voltage wire was recommended.

Peter Castonguay suggested installing a double throw switch so that only one compactor could operate at a time. The switch costs about $700 while the high voltage wire is about $7,000. Carrie will look into it further.

The board also voted to write a no-action letter regarding a garage on property owned by Joseph and Rhonda Bubier. The couple plans to sell the property and a mortgage loan inspection determined the garage doesn’t meet setback requirements. 

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