Finally, someone had the courage to make a point of the outrageous fees that the people of Lewiston, Auburn and surrounding towns are being forced to pay when using the Maine Turnpike traveling through New Gloucester, while everyone else gets a free ride using Route 295 without spending a dime.

I am referencing the  Sun Journal article (April 21) showing Ron Chicoine and Stavros Mendros holding up one of their signs, “Tear Down These Tolls,” referencing a new bill, LD 120, sponsored by Sen. Eric Brakey.

In 2011, the Maine Turnpike Authority held several “Let’s shut them up quietly” meetings regarding its proposed rate hikes, but we gained nothing because it was simply everyone else against Lewiston-Auburn.

It was then that I decided that I would avoid using the New Gloucester toll booth whenever possible and decided instead to try an alternate route as suggested by the Sun Journal’s Scott Thistle when he wrote an article titled (June 5, 2011), “How to save money by not using the Maine Turnpike.”

After reviewing one of Thistle’s “going South” routes (something I do often) via Routes 136 and 295, I tried it and found it be quicker, cheaper and beautiful, now that Route 136 has been rebuilt down through Durham all the way to Route 295 in Freeport, and then on to anywhere south.

Sen. Brakey’s bill may not eliminate the tolls, but it’s better than what exists now.

Roland Rancourt Jr., Auburn

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