LISBON FALLS — The Lisbon Falls Christian Academy recently participated in the 2015 Northeast Regional Student Convention in Speculator, N.Y.

More than 200 students from New York and New England competed in academics, music, platform, exhibits and athletics. Students were awarded individual medals for the first six places.

First place: PACE Bowl: Martin Altieri, Mark Haskell, Jacob McGuire and Jennie Riggs; Radio Program: Gabrielle Cinq-Mars, Clay Crafts, Ashley Gilman and Mark Haskell; Spelling, Jennie Riggs; Physical Fitness, Martin Altieri; Pastels, Ashley Gilman; Colored Pencils, Mark Haskell; Color Scenic, Allieanna Lycette; Watercolor, Sydney Tolbert and 1600-Meter Run, Martin Altieri

Second place: Volleyball: Gabrielle Cinq-Mars, Ashley Gilman, Allieanna Lycette, Jennie Riggs, Sarah Riggs, Madison Smit, Sydney Tolbert and Stephanie Walsworth; Vocal Trio Mixed: Gabrielle Cinq-Mars, Patrick Holmander and Madison Smit; Dramatic Dialogue: Gabrielle Cinq-Mars, Sarah Riggs; Colored Pencils, Ashley Gilman; Clown Act, Avery Partridge and Wood Construction, Spenser Thebeau.

Third place: Bible Bowl: Mark Haskell, Jesse Holmander, Patrick Holmander and Jacob McGuire. Social Studies Research, Jesse Holmander; Pastels, Stephanie Walsworth; Sketching, Martin Altieri; Pen and Ink, Mark Haskell and 1600-Meter Run, Mark Haskell

Fourth place: Color Plants, Sydney Tolbert; Basketball, Martin Altieri; Clay Crafts: Mark Haskell, Jesse Holmander, Patrick Holmander, Jacob McGuire, Avery Partridge and Spenser Thebeau; 100-Meter Dash, Patrick Holmander; 400-Meter Relay: Gabrielle Cinq-Mars, Allieanna Lycette, Jennie Riggs and Stephanie Walsworth; 1600-Meter Run, Jennie Riggs; Small Vocal Ensemble, Gabrielle Cinq-Mars; Clay Crafts: Ashley Gilman, Mark Haskell, Patrick Holmander, Allieanna Lycette, Jennie Riggs, Sarah Riggs, Madison Smit, Spenser Thebeau and Sydney Tolbert.

Fifth place: Spelling, Mark Haskell; Essay Writing, Stephanie Walsworth; Radio Program: Martin Altieri, Allieanna Lycette, Jacob McGuire, Spenser Thebeau and Stephanie Walsworth; Sketching, Stephanie Walsworth; Color Animals, Sydney Tolbert; 100-Meter Dash, Allieanna Lycette; Vocal Duet Mixed, Gabrielle Cinq-Mars and Patrick Holmander.

Sixth place: Short Story Writing, Mark Haskell; Chess, Jacob McGuire; Dramatic Dialogue: Martin Altieri and Stephanie Walsworth.

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