On May 6, students and staff at Mountain Valley High School rode an emotional roller coaster during the school’s two-day event – Every 15 Minutes. For most, the ride started with a student pulled out of a class by the Grim Reaper and Rumford Police Sergeant Tracey Higley reading the student’s obituary.
The next day, the ride continued with some 20 students reappearing as the “Living Dead.” They escorted a casket into the auditorium before the student body. They all wrote letters that began “Dear Mom and Dad, every fifteen minutes someone is killed or seriously injured in an alcohol-related traffic incident. Today I died..”
One of the four to read hers was freshman Lauren Sterling, who was in tears as she approached the podium. A senior, Tucker Phelps, came up to join her in support to help her composure as she read her letter.