DIXFIELD – Town Manager Carlo Puiia explained to residents at Thursday evening’s public hearing how the proposed Recall of Elected Officials Ordinance would work.

Residents will vote on it June 9.

Puiia said the Board of Selectmen began considering an ordinance in September 2014 and reviewed some from Auburn, Falmouth, Mexico, Scarborough and Westbrook.

“After reviewing some ordinances, Selectman Norman Mitchell brought me a draft with language similar to those other drafts,” Puiia said. “It met all of the state law requirements and seemed to fit for the town. The board made some adjustments, and now, we’re putting it before the people.”

He said one of the changes selectmen made was requiring a recall petition be signed by at least 15 percent of voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election.

“To give you an idea of what number that is, at our last gubernatorial election, we had 1,154 voters,” Puiia said. “Fifteen percent of that would be 174 signatures.”

One resident questioned why it was 15 percent, not 10 percent.

“A lot of towns can adjust the numbers on their ordinance drafts to fit their own town,” Puiia said. “While going through other ordinances, we saw some at 20 or 25 percent, and others at 10 percent. It really depends on what the Board of Selectmen wants.”

Board of Selectmen Chairman Scott Belskis said the 15 percent figure was a unanimous decision by the board.

Resident Dan McKay asked Puiia which elected officials were included under the ordinance.

Puiia said only selectmen.

Belskis said the recall ordinance does not cover appointed positions.

McKay asked how long would it be after a selectman is recalled until the seat is filled.

“I can’t give you an answer right now,” Puiia said. “I do know that if a selectman is recalled with an election around the corner, there would be no need to schedule a special town meeting. You would just wait until the election.”

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